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Senin, 04 Januari 2010

Powerful Video Editing With Unlimited Possibilities

Senin, 04 Januari 2010
diposkan oleh : Ruslan 1 Nop 2009 12:24
Powerful HD video editing is at your disposal with NEW PowerDirector 8 video editing software. Use built-in Magic Tools to edit with ease. Incorporate PiP effects into the expanded 16-track timeline and add new particle effects into your movies. You also have unlimited,
downloadable effects at DirectorZone.com to use in your projects. Directly upload and share your finished creations with others on YouTube and Facebook or burn to Blu-ray discs. PowerDirector HD video editing software is now 5x faster than before and is optimized for Intel Core i7 CPUs as well as Nvidia CUDA and ATI Stream graphic cards. PowerDirector’s movie editing software capabilities will transform the videos of your greatest memories into highly watchable edited movies! Download a trial version or purchase PowerDirector HD Video Editing Software right here to start creating your own movie masterpieces with advanced movie making software from CyberLink. Download click here

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